Here is a selection of videos covering Toronto Pig Save, bearing witness, veganism and music videos. For more specific bearing witness videos please visit our Toronto Pig Save YouTube channel.

Pig Wish Tribute for pigs and their saviours everywhere by Joanne O’Keefe.

“I want to live” pig animation by Futuro Vega Pop – Quiero vivir (I want to live).

Essex Animal Defenders have been protesting abuses at Cheale Meats slaughterhouse for years before Toronto Pig Save started. See their informative and moving video.

Pig is Surrogate to Abandoned Kitten

An abandoned kitten is adopted by a pot-bellied pig. “After finding this kitten alone and hungry I brought her into our house which is home to a variety of critters. One of which is our pot-bellied pig Cleo, who immediately took to watching over the little one, always trying to be careful not to stand on her. She is now grown up and we have another litter of barn cats sharing our home, five in all. And once again Cleo has become very motherly and intensely fascinated with them.”   – Tracey Shepherd-Davis, aka Shewulfe

Music Videos

Stephanie Braganza’s animal activism song Chains of Silence exposes the exploitation of the female reproductive system in the dairy industry.

Gaia’s Eye – Anthem for  animals. “The Animal Rights Revolution is here.  And the survival of all life on Earth, including humanity, depends on it.”

Healthy Livin’ by Stic – The Workout

Why Must We Eat The Animals? (Oh Why Oh Why?)