Tru Harvest stop killing calves

HELP US STOP the opening of a new slaughterhouse at the site of Ryding Regency Slaughterhouse in Toronto.

Tru Harvest Meats plan to open a new slaughterhouse, at the same site as Ryding Regency, at the beginning of March 2021 and they intend to kill 1,600 cows per week including baby cows for “veal”. Ryding Regency was closed in 2019 for E-Coli contaminated meat after the company deceived the CFIA by providing false or misleading information test results.

Please sign our petition to STOP Tru Harvest Slaughterhouse.

The Conservative government’s proposed Bill 156 (Security From Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act) is a dangerous piece of legislation that would hide animal abuse and prevent animal activists from performing their vital role in exposing the horrific treatment of farmed animals.

Please sign our petition:  STOP Bill 156 – Ontario’s ag-gag law that hides animal abuse and tries to stop animal activism!

Please sign our petition: Michael Latifi: Stop endangering activists! Negotiate a safety agreement at Fearmans now!