Media Coverage


The Uncomfortable Truth About Pig Farming, podcast, December 31

Roy Graber, Ontario outlaws obstructing trucks carrying farm animals, WATT Ag Net, September 3rd

Max Martin, Bill prohibiting animal rights activists from interfering with livestock transport now law, Clinton News Record, September 2nd

David Lea, We’re actually not breaking the law’: Protests continue at Burlington slaughterhouse despite new law, The Burlington Post, September 2nd

Don Mitchell, Ontario law banning activists from interfering with livestock trucks takes effect, Global News, September 2nd

Tami Jeanneret, Pig Save Member To Defy New Trespass Law, I Heart Radio, September 2nd

Steve Pecar, ‘Unconstitutional’: New provincial law stifles animal activists, In The Hammer, September 2nd

John Best, Burlington Mayor Comments On Ban On Blocking Trucks Containing Animals, The Bay Observer, September 2nd

Sean Irvine, Big fines for stopping livestock trucks in Ont. take effect at midnight, CTV News, September 1st

Tami Jeanneret, Part of Ontario’s New Animal Trespass Law Kick in Tomorrow, iHeartRadio, September 1st

Max Martin, Ontario Bill prohibiting animal rights activists from interfering with livestock transport takes effect Wednesday, The Beacon Herald, September 1st

John G. Smith, Ontario moves ahead with rules to keep protesters away from trucks, Truck News, August 31st

Satbir Singh, ‘Opposite beliefs’: Animal rights activists, NOTL residents come face-to-face, The Standard, August 25th

Satbir Singh, ‘Extremely apologetic’: Locals for Carriages sorry for hurtful message on protester’s sign, The Standard, August 21st

Don Mitchell, Ontario bill to protect livestock from activists soon to open for public comment, Global News, August 13th

March through downtown Burlington honoured animal rights activist struck and killed by pig transport truck, Burlington Post, August 8th

Jessica Scott-Reid, When Gassing Animals to Death Doesn’t Work, Sentient Media, July 31st

Sierra Alley, Animal rights protesters clash with trucker supporters after woman was killed by semi, CDL Life, July 31th

Bambang Sadewo, CLASH: Physical confrontation at Burlington slaughterhouse forces several Halton police officers to step in, Inside Halton, July 30th

Christine Rankin, Animal rights advocates, counter-protesters clash at slaughterhouse where activist died, CBC News, July 30th

Namish Modi, Vigil planned for dead pigs Wednesday in New Hamburg, New Hamburg Independent, July 29th

Nina Devries, Exposing animal cruelty should not be a crime, The Hamilton Spectator, July 26th

Silencing whistle-blowers on farms conceals animal and employee abuse, MENA FN, July 26th

Bruce Couchman, Activist’s death will make animal rights an election issue, NOW, July 26th

Scott Miller, Truckers face death threats following animal activist’s death, CTV News, July 24th

Ashley, Truckers say they’re getting death threats after animal rights protester’s death, CDL Life, July 24th

Katie Valentine, Activist Struck and Killed by Pig Transport Truck Deserves Justice, No Criminal Charges Filed, Lady Freethinker, July 23rd

Jon Wells, The idealistic life and violent death of Hamilton animal rights champion Regan Russell, The Hamilton Spectator, July 22nd

Nicole Axworthy, Charges Against Truck Driver Who Killed Vegan Activist “Do Not Amount To Justice”, Animal Rights Community Says, VegNews, July 22nd

Police face backlash after charging vegan advocate killer with ‘careless driving’, Totally Vegan Buzz, July 22nd

Lauren Lewis, Breaking! Animal Save Movement Responds To Feeble & Unjust Charges Brought Against Truck Driver Who Ran Over Animal Activist Regan Russell, World Animal News, July 22nd

David Lea, ‘Blood on your hands’: Protesters at Halton police headquarters in Oakville demand justice for Regan Russell, Inside Halton, July 21st

Andrea Lawson, Animal Save Movement holds rally outside Halton Police HQ, CHCH, July 21st

Thomas Desormeaux, Protests outside HRPS for Regan Russell, Oakville News, July 21st

Liam Gilliver, Driver Charged With ‘Careless Driving Causing Death’ After Vegan Advocate Killed, Plant Based News, July 21st

Alix Coe, No Criminal Charges Against Driver Who Killed Vegan Activist at Protest, Raise Vegan, July 21st

Brining Justice to Regan Russell: Parties Respond to Charges Brought Against Killer, VegWorld Magazine, July 21st

After trucker gets unfairly charged, Montreal activists support the Toronto community through actions and tributes. The news reports: Militante happée mortellement: le camionneur accusé de conduite imprudente

Lisa Polewski, Animal rights activists speak out after truck driver charged in death of protester in Burlington, Global News, July 20th

Trucker Charged in Death of Protester But Activists Are Still Outraged, Transportation Nation Network, July 20th

Police charge truck driver in death of animal rights activist during protest, National Post, July 20th

Ashley, Trucker charged after fatally striking vegan protester outside meat processing plant, CDL Life news, July 20th

Lisa Kramer, Ag-gag laws are a step backwards, Winnipeg Free Press, July 20th

Samantha Craggs, Man charged with careless driving in death of Hamilton animal rights activist: police, CBC, July 20th

Louie Rosella, ‘Outrage’: Truck driver charged in incident at Burlington slaughterhouse that left animal rights protester dead, Inside Halton, July 20th

Andrea Lawson, Halton Police lay careless driving charge in death of activist Regan Russell, CHCH, July 20th

Jon Wells, Truck driver charged in death of Hamilton animal rights activist Regan Russell, but family ‘disappointed by the lack of criminal charges’, The Hamilton Spectator, July 20th

Samantha Craggs, Family of animal rights activist Regan Russell calls for a provincial inquest, CBC News, July 18th

Mira Miller, People just covered themselves in fake blood in the middle of a downtown Toronto street, BlogTO, July 17th

Lauren Lewis, Peaceful Rally Happening Now In Toronto To Honor Activist Regan Russell Who Was Struck & Killed By A Fearmans Slaughterhouse Truck In Canada, World Animal News, July 17th

Anne Bokma, Amid animal activist’s death, concern mounts over Ontario’s Bill 156, Broadview, July 16th

Sarah Grochowski, Langly vigil demands justice for Ontario animal activist killed protesting in front of slaughterhouse, Aldergrove Star, July 4th

Brandon Kirkwood, Joaquin Phoenix Honors Murdered Animal Rights Activist Regan Russell, VegNews, July 4th

Jessica Scott-Reid, Vigils and Rescues Ramp Up in the Wake of Activist’s Death, Sentient Media, July 2nd

Katie Valentine, Joaquin Phoenix Honors The Memory Of Slain Activist Regan Russell, Lady Freethinker, July 1st

Eliza Erskine, Joaquin Phoenix Attends Vigil for Slain Animal Rights Activist, One Green Planet, July 1st

Audrey Enjoli, Joaquin Phoenix Honors Activists Killed at Pig Slaughterhouse, LIVEKINDLY, June 30th

Anna Starostinetskaya, Joaquin Phoenix Pays Tribute to Animal Rights Activist Killed by Slaughterhouse Truck, Veg News, June 30th

Zach Ruiter, Ontario’s “ag-gag” law raises protest stakes for animal rights activists, NOW Toronto, June 29th

Samantha Crags, Joaquin Phoenix speaks out about death of Regan Russell: ‘We will never back down’, CBC News, June 29th

Animal rights activists vow to continue fight at vigil honouring Regan Russell, The Hamilton Spectator, June 29th

Brent Frudyk, Joaquin Phoenix Attends Vigil Honouring Canadian Animal Rights Activist Who Died Giving Water To Pigs Outside Slaughterhouse, ET Canada, June 27th

Ruben Perez Jr, Joaquin Phoenix Pays Tribute to Slain Activist Regan Russell at Slaughterhouse vigil, Entertainment Rocks, June 26th

Alexia Fernandez, Joaquin Phoenix Attends Vigil for Animal Rights Activist After She Died Outside a Slaughterhouse, People, June 26th

Jon Wells, Family wants answers in ‘senseless and preventable’ death of Hamilton activist Regan Russell outside slaughterhouse, The Hamilton Spectator, June 26th

Jenna McGuire, ‘We Need More People Like’ Regan Russell: Mourning and Justice Demanded Over Killing of Animal Rights Activist Regan Russell, Common Dreams, June 26th

Samantha Craggs, ‘My life ended’ Friday: Regan Russell’s supporters want justice, Bill 156 overturned, CBC News, June 26th

John G Smith, Animal activist struck, killed days after anti-trespassing rules given royal assent, Truck News, June 25th

Brandon Kirkwood, The Long History Of Murdered Animal Rights And Environmental Activists, Vegan News, June 24th

Longtime Animal Rights Activist Killed by Truck Transporting Pigs to Slaughterhouse, Democracy Now, June 23rd

Katie Valentin, Animal Activists Killed by Pig Transport Truck at Peaceful Slaughterhouse Protest, Lady Freethinker, June 22nd

Terry Haig, Prominent animal-rights advocate Regan Russell is killed at Ontario protest, Radio Canada International, June 22nd

Stephanie McClain, Vegan Activist Killed by Pig Transport Truck at Slaughterhouse Protest, The Beet, June 23rd

Dominick Nagy, Family and friends hold vigil to remember Regan Russell, CHCH, June 21st

Vegan Advocate Killed After Being Hit by Slaughterhouse Truck Driver, Say Reports, Plant Based News, June 21st

Bambang Sadewo, Vigil honours Hamilton animal activist killed at protest outside Burlington slaughterhouse, The Hamilton Spectator, June 20th

Animal Activist Killed by Pig Transport Truck at Fearmans Slaughterhouse in Burlington, VegWorld Magazine, June 20th

Liam Casey and Nicole Thompson, Animal Right Activist Killed While Holding Vigil Outside Ontario Slaughterhouse, CTV News, June 19th

Punit Nirankari, Animal Rights Activist Killed whereas holding vigil outdoors Ontario slaughterhouse, NanyNews, June 19th

Anna Starostinetskaya, Animal Rights Activist Killed By Slaughterhouse Truck At Pig Vigil in Canada, VegNews, June 19th

Liberation Hour, Anita Kranjc – Creating Social Change with the Save Movement, May 1st

Jessica Scott-Reid, Brining the world together to bear witness, Unbound Project, April 23rd

Karen Davis, Book Review: Voices For Animal Liberation by Brittany Michelson, Sentient Media, April 19th

Erica Shaffer, Ontario seeks public comments on farm trespass bill, Meat + Poultry, March 16

Animal rights group lobbies grocery store to stop ‘heartbreaking’ practice of selling live lobsters, CBC News, March 7th

Vegan Activists Just Saved Ducks from an Ontario Farm in Dramatic Rescue, BlogTO, February 20th

Tamara Shepard, Demonstrators march against hiding animal abuse on farms, NOW Toronto, February 16th

Amanda Pfeffer, Animal rights activists decry Ontario bill that would limit farm protests, CBC News, January 25th

Please watch this excellent Jane Unchained News livestream of Los Angeles Animal Save‘s night vigil at Farmer John’s slaughter plant on January 19, where many activists showed up to give the pigs water and love. Joaquin Phoenix came, still in his tux, straight from his big win at the SAG awards!

The story has received massive media coverage worldwide:

People magazine: Joaquin Phoenix Comforted Pigs at L.A. Slaughterhouse After SAG Award Win: ‘I Have to Be Here’

Hollywood Reporter: Joaquin Phoenix Followed SAG Awards With Vigil for Pigs: “I Have to Be Here”

FOX News: Joaquin Phoenix comforts pigs at slaughterhouse after SAG win: ‘I have to be here’

NY Daily News: ‘Joker’ winner Joaquin Phoenix skips SAG awards after-party to comfort pigs bound for slaughter

Daily Mail: Joaquin Phoenix cut his SAG Awards celebration short to attend a vigil for pigs at LA slaughterhouse

ET Canada: Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates SAG Awards Win By Joining Vigil For Pigs Outside L.A. Slaughterhouse

TMZ: Joaquin Phoenix Visits Pigs en Route to Slaughterhouse…After Winning SAG Award

ET Canada video: Joaquin Phoenix Attends Pig Vigil After SAG Awards

Vanity Fair: Joaquin Phoenix, Super-Vegan, Raced to L.A. Slaughterhouse After SAG Win: “This Is an Injustice”

Zach Ruiter, Animal rights activists picket Doug Ford’s house, NOW Toronto, January 8th


Anam Khan, Animal rights activists protest Bill 156 at Guelph’s Cargill plant (6 photos), Guelph Today, December 9th

George Stroumboulopoulos, Toronto’s most inspirational women of 2019: Anita Krajnc – the Activist, TRNTO Mag, December 3th

Regina Pig Save protested the Maple Leaf Finals Rodeo at the Canadian Western Agribition. Their protests were covered by the CBC, November 30th:

Calf-roping event at Agribition has ‘no place in civilized society’: animal rights activists
‘With Love for the Animals’: why some people are protesting the rodeo at Agribition

Friend or Food? NBC News channel NBCLX, November 29th

Louie Rosella, ‘Avoid the area’: Animal rights protests in Burlington this week will cause traffic delays, Burlington Post, September 30th

Lauren O’Neil, Toronto’s most infamous slaughterhouse just had its licence suspended. Toronto Cow Save has been calling upon the feds to shut down Ryding-Regency “Meat” Packers cow slaughterhouse for years. BlogTO, September 26th

Courtney Shea, Q&A: Anita Krajnc, founder of Toronto Pig Save, on veganism, animal rights and getting Joaquin Phoenix to attend a protestToronto Life, September 12th

Sarah Murphy, Joaquin Phoenix Visited a Vegan Photo Campaign at a Toronto Subway Station, Exclaim! September 10th

Jill Ettinger, Joaquin Phoenix Leads Public Protest Against Animal CrueltyLivekindly, September 10th

Shakiel Mahjouri, ‘Joker’ Star Joaquin Phoenix Visits Vegan Campaign At Toronto Subway Station, Entertainment Tonight, September 9th

David Venn, Activism does not begin and end with RibFest, say Kelowna Climate Save: Kelowna vegan protesters to continue ‘radical actions’, Kelowna Cap News, August 27th

Jessica Scott-Reid, If animal rights activists disturbed your weekend, they succeeded, The Toronto Star, August 20th

Bryan Myers, Animal rights activists hold die-in at busy Burlington intersection, Hamilton Spectator, August 18th

Manitoba Animal Save held a special vigil: Animal rights group holds memorial for 800 cows dead in fire near Steinbach, CBC News, August 17th

Mira Miller, Toronto’s getting its first ever animal liberation conference, BlogTO, August 14th

Thomas Walkom, Animal rights advocates take a page from environmentalists’ playbook, The Toronto Star, August 12th

Geralyn Wichers, Manitoba Stampede takes heat from protestors, Manitoba Cooperator, July 25th

Beth Macdonnell, Protesters want rodeo at Manitoba Stampede shut down after horses euthanized in Calgary, CTV News, July 20th

Animal rights activists want Winnipeg zoo to shut down stingray exhibit, National Post, July 2th

Shelley Steeves, ‘Dairy is Scary’ billboards outrage New Brunswick farmers, Global News, June 19th

Check out Viva!’s video about bearing witness with the Animal Save Movement: Viva! Supports the Animal Save Movement

Alleen Brown, TESTING THE LINE – As Animal Rights Activists Push Legal Boundaries, Canada Considers What Makes a Terrorist, The Intercept, May 12th

Gerry Dewan, All charges dropped against animal rights activist in pig farm break-in, CTV London, May 1th

Nick England, How a B.C. cop crossed the protest line for animal rights, Vancouver Sun, April 29th

Kimberly Davidson, Okanagan Animal Save raising concerns about hen cull at Shuswap egg farm, Global News, April 18th

Liam Gilliver, Emergency Pig Vigil Due To ‘Risk Of Freezing To Death’, PlantBasedNews, February 1th

‘Go vegan or we die’: Activists block Toronto intersection to protest Brazil’s new president, CTV News, January 1th 


London Chicken Save’s Abby McCuaig and Amanda Barker on CTV News discussing speciesism, property status of animals, and halting the construction of a massive chicken slaughterhouse in London, Ontario. November 28th

Vegan group holds ‘vigils’ for chickens en route to processing plant, CBC News , November 19th

Maria Chiorando, The Save Movement Joins Forces With Vegan ‘Lifeline’ Campaign Creating ‘Powerhouse’, PlantBasedNews, November 1th

Sarah Cain, Animal rights group pushes for safety agreement with Burlington pork plant, Global News, October 31th

Tim Whitnell, Animal rights group wants trucks carrying pigs to stop outside Fearmans for five minutes,, October 30th

Lauren O’Neil, Vegan Protesters Stun Shoppers at Toronto Grocery Store, BlogTO, October 29th

Dylan McCullough, VIDEO: Okanagan activists stage bold demonstration, KelownaNow, September 12th

John McDonald, Kelowna vegan restaurant owner lays it on the line with animal rights activism,, September 11th

VIDEO: EXPOSING the HUMANE HOAX – Does humane slaughter really exist? Plant Based News, September 3th

Holly Caruk, Maple Leaf Foods says activist-shot video shows ‘unacceptable’ handling of pigs, CBC News, August 3th

Pig protesters hold ‘double vigil’ outside Fearmans Burlington plant, Burlington Post, July 16th

Joe Scarpelli, Animal rights activist gives water to pigs being transported on Manitoba highway, Global News, June 27th

Jessica Scott-Reid, We’re outraged when dogs are kept in hot cars. Why not pigs in transport vehicles? CBC News, June 23th

Maria Chiorando, Vegans To Protest Live Animal Transport On International Awareness Day, PlantBasedNews, June 12th

Fourth annual Animal Law Week held at HLS, Anita Krajnc and Toronto Pig Save covered in this summary of Harvard Law’s fourth annual Animal Law Week, Harvard Law Today, March 12th



Linda McQuaig, No more silence about the torture of animals, Toronto Star, December 21th

VIDEO: TOP 100 INFLUENTIAL VEGANS OF 2017, Plant Based News, December 30th

Mark Devries, director of Speciesism: The Movie, talks about the power of bearing witness while at a Toronto Pig Save vigil, September 18th

Liny Lamberink, Activist protests violence against animals with 5-day fast outside meat processing plant in London, Global News, August 24th

Paula McCooey, Animal rights activists march for an end to slaughterhouses animal abuse, Ottawa Citizen, June 18th

Toronto Pig Save held the first All Day Vigil of 2017: Watch this moving video report by Agnes Cseke, including performance by Amy Jean Davis, Los Angeles Animal Save organizer, June

The Save Movement’s Warped Tour Adventure in the US, Journiapp, June 16th

John Greig, Pig trial a PR disaster for industry, Manitoba Co-operator, May 15th

VIDEO: Bearing Witness on Mother’s Day, Jane Unchained News, May 14th

VIDEO: From their Joint Vigil in solidarity with the #PigTrial, Guildford Animal Save and East London Chicken Save asked: “As an animal eater, do you believe that animals are happy to die for your dinner? May 4th

Charges Dismissed: Compassion Is NOT a Crime
Toronto Pig Save co-founder Anita Krajnc was acquitted of criminal mischief Thursday, May 4th, after being charged for giving water to a pig in a truck on the way to a slaughter plant. This is some of the extensive press coverage the verdict received:

The Toronto Star: Paola Loriggio, Toronto woman who gave water to pigs headed to slaughter found not guilty

BBC: Woman who helps thirsty pigs evades jail

Now Toronto: Are pigs people, too?

The Guardian: Judge dismisses case of woman who gave water to pigs headed to slaughter

The Washington Post: Activist who gave water to pigs is found not guilty of a crime

The Globe and Mail: Judge acquits woman who gave water to pigs

Global News: interview with Anita Krajnc on their Morning Show.

Halifax vegan ad campaign aims to provoke questions around eating animals, Global news, April 15th

Toronto Fish Save is born with an aquarium demonstration on March 25th. Media coverage of the event was outstanding:

CBC News: Aquatic animals don’t belong in a ‘bathtub’ say Ripley’s Aquarium protestors
CityNews Toronto: The right to life, freedom and justice may be considered inalienable for humans, but a group staged a protest in Toronto today demanding non-human animals — in particular, fish — also be granted those rights.

COMPASSION IS NOT A CRIME: Ingrid Newkirk of PETA bears witness with Toronto Pig Save, March 9th

#PigTrial news: on March 9 Judge Harris set May 4 as the date on which he would render his verdict. This is some of the extensive press coverage the pig trial’s closing arguments date received:

– Toronto Star: In closing arguments, defence says woman who gave water to pigs acted ‘in the public good’
– CBC News: Woman who gave water to pigs acted like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela: lawyer
– The Globe and Mail: Once snubbed, pig saviour Anita Krajnc’s fight goes global
– Global News: Ontario woman who gave water to pigs headed to slaughter compared to Gandhi, Mandela at trial
The Roy Green Show (podcast)


VIDEO: Seeking Love, Toronto Pig Save, February



Damien Clarkson, We’re Winning: 10 Signs That Veganism Will Take Off In 2017, Plant Based News, December 22th

Zach Ruiter, How Toronto Pig Save’s Anita Krajnc, inspired by Tolstoy, mobilized animal rights activists worldwide in 2016Now Magazine, December 21th

The Vegan View: Toronto Pig Save Expands Worldwide, Jane Unchained News

Samantha Craggs, Virginia judge throws out water for pigs charge inspired by Anita Krajnc case, CBC News, December 3th

Alex Lockwood: The Save Movement, A Peaceful Action For Change, Plant Based News, December 1th

Coverage of the Pig Trial courthouse date for Anita Krajnc, November 10th:

– CBC News


Vicky Castle, Kent Animal Save to protest at Charing Meats slaughterhouse, in Ashford, KentOnline, November 1th

Adam Carter, Vegan who gave water to pigs headed for slaughter finds it ‘unfathomable’ she was charged, CBC News, October 3th

Chains of Silence (Official Music Video), Stephanie Braganza Youtube, October 2th

Lady Goes on Trial for Giving Water to Pig on Way to Slaughter, Jane Unchained News

Coverage of the Pig Trial courthouse date for Anita Krajnc, August 24-25:

Nicole Thompson, Pig owner testifies at trial of animal activist, says he was concerned about safety, The Toronto Star, August 24

– CBC News

– The Guardian

– The Independent


Amy Wang, An animal activist gave water to slaughterhouse-bound pigs. Now, she’s on trial for mischief, Washington Post, August 25th

Zach Ruiter, VIDEO: Inside the Animal Slaughter Protest by Toronto Vegans, Torontoist, August 15th

Stars Speak Up for Pigs Headed to Slaughter!, Jane Unchained News

Today I Am Voiceless – Nova Scotia, Canada, Vegan Education Group Halifax Nova Scotia, July 2th

VIDEO: Emily, the Bite Size Vegan, talks about the importance of bearing witness at the All Day Vigil with Toronto Pig Save, Cow Save and Chicken Save, June 19th

VIDEO: Overcrowded Pigs Are Yelled at on Way to Slaughter. PETA posted our heartbreaking video from our Pig Save vigil

Is it a crime to give a pig water on a hot day?, CBC Radio, March 18th



Ari Nessel, 16 People Who Made a Big Difference in 2014, Huffington Post, December 24th

VIDEO: Kelly Guerin, Animal Auction, Vimeo, August 27th

PETA, “22 Heartbreaking Photos From Pigs’ Journey to Slaughter” (featuring the photos from Toronto Pig Save vigils)

Animal rights group takes fight to Shrewsbury streets, Asbury Park Press, May 31th

Eric Atkins, End of a chapter in Hogtown history after Toronto’s last pig plant shuts its doors, Globe & Mail, May 30th

Catelli Brother’s Respond To Slaughterhouse Protest, TV segment on My9 Chasing NJ

Kezia Jauron, Grant Winner: The Save Movement, The Thinking Vegan, April 29th



Our short video: “Water for pig angel victims in Toronto’s heat wave” was featured on US network news on the Jane Velez-Mitchell show. Jane Velez-Mitchell poignantly says, “look… look at these images Those are pigs now on the way to slaughter and a group — there`s a group actually in Toronto called the Toronto Pig [Save] that runs up with water to the trucks carrying pigs to slaughter and gives them water because there was over 110 degrees and they were in this sweltering, sweltering truck.”

John Bonnar interviews Anita Krajnc, co-founder of Toronto Pig Save: New Banksy installation illustrates horrors of factory farming, slaughterhouses,, November 2, 2013

Free From Harm: “Meet Your Bacon: Footage of Pigs In Transport Truck Goes Viral” (July 24, 2013)
“Footage of the pigs frantically scrambling for water, and of heart-broken volunteers telling the pigs, “I’m sorry,” has pushed the video into the viral mainstream.” -Ashley Capps, Free From Harm

Our Hen House: “A sip of water for pigs heading to slaughter” (July 30, 2013)
“Toronto Pig Save forces people to see these animals as the individuals they are. Like us humans, they need food and water. Like us humans, they feel pain. And like us humans, when their dignity is stripped away from them, and they are relegated to a mere commodity, their only hope is in others who are brave enough to bear witness, savvy enough to get the word out far and wide, and alive enough to actively advocate for a new world that is free of animal suffering. SHARE THIS VIDEO! “– Jasmin Singer, Our Hen House

Christian Cotroneo, “Pigs In Toronto Heat Get Water En Route To Slaughterhouse (VIDEO)”  The Huffington Post (July 29, 2013)
“Volunteer Karen Bowman described the experience as ‘incredibly overwhelming.
It’s impossible to relay the suffering I witnessed that day. I just can’t. I don’t know how to.’
She was grateful, however, that the plight of the doomed pigs was captured on video.
‘This video is important because it shows, without question, the suffering of living beings that are the meat and dairy industry,’ she explained. ‘How can one watch this video and ignore the connection between a life and a meal?’ “

ecorazzi: “WATCH: Activists Bring Coolness, Love to Slaughter-bound Pigs” (Amanda Just | July 22, 2013)

VegNews: “Animal Activists Help Hydrate Factory Farm Pigs” (Tommy Dean | July 23, 2013)

Albert Schweitzer: “Hitzewellen und Tiertransporte”  (August 3, 2013)

Jenn Sorrell, “People To Know: Anita from Toronto Pig Save”, The Vegan Sprout, April 30, 2013

Victoria Niederhoffer, ““An Interview with Anita Krajnc: 10 Questions For the Founder of Toronto Pig Save”,” My Non Leather Life, April 10, 2013

pig hanging - Ontario abattoir


The work of Jo-Anne McArthur / is featured in the January 2013 issue of Alternatives Journal. Click here to read more and see her heart wrenching photos for Toronto Pig Save. Also, see interview with Jo-Anne McArthur in “The Witness“ in the Laika Magazine, January 30, 2013 and Jo’s photo essay “We Animals: One Photographer’s Compassion in Action,” in Photo Life magazine, March 31, 2013

Barbi Lazarus, “Why I hold vigils for pigs and cows being led to slaughter”, The Globe and Mail, March 12, 2103

hand on pig truck

When I tell people I spent my morning attending a vigil for pigs or cows entering a slaughterhouse, the reaction is usually: “Isn’t that depressing?” or, “I could never bring myself to do that. It’s too sad.”

Noëlle Vieau, “Toronto Pig Save Creates Glass Walls In Local Pig Slaughterhouses”, An1mal, March 11, 2013

An1mal - pig in truck


Sparking grassroots movement to end farm animals’ misery: Anita Krajnc,” Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA), CETFA blog, October 14, 2012

Thomas Walkom, “Walkom: Slaughtering pigs a never-ending horror,” Toronto Star, July 25, 2012

Catherine Porter, “Toronto Pig Save activists protest slaughter weekly at Quality Meat Packers abattoir,” Toronto Star, May 9, 2012.

A look inside one of the many tractor trailers carrying pigs to the Quality Meat Packers, from the traffic island at Strachan Ave. and Lake Shore Blvd., on Wednesday. The trucks line up at the island to turn left to the abattoir. Photos: Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star

Julie O’Neill’s Photography for a Compassionate World profiles Toronto Pig Save in “Heroes in Hogtown”.

Toronto Pig Save heart

“Bearing Witness” — a guest blog by Anita Krajnc, Co-Founder of Toronto Pig Save,  Jo-Anne McArthur’s We Animals project, May 1, 2012

Now Magazine is one of the first major media organizations, besides, to publish a photo depicting the pigs suffering inside transport trucks heading to Quality Meat Packers. Thank you Now!

Now magazine coverage

The Grid,  January 25, 2012


Terry Davidson, “A fate both cruel and cold”, Toronto Sun, Monday, January 16, 2012

a fate both cruel and cold

Terry Davidson, “Activists protest pig slaughter”, Toronto Sun, Sunday, January 15, 2012


Marc Bekoff (University of Colorado), author of The Emotional Lives of Animals, “Babe, Lettuce, and Tomato: Dead Pig Walking“, Psychology Today, October 2011

looking into Quality Meat Packers

The Toronto Pig Save is a collective of artists, activists and writers based right here in Toronto; the group’s almost weekly protests bear witness to the suffering of pigs en route to Toronto’s biggest slaughterhouse, Quality Meat Packers. ”Bearing Witness with the Toronto Pig Save,” Animal VoicesClick here to download an MP3 of the show, November 15, 2011

hands and tails show

Doris Leung’s fantastic, fast paced and informative one-hour segment on “Pigs and Toronto Pigs Save”, along with some poignant animal rights music, on “Hands and Tails: arts, animals and everything else” on CFRU 93.3 FM.

Freedom of Species – animal advocacy on the airwaves with Kate Elliott (Australia) 855 AM podcasts available via 3CR website. Toronto Pig Save is an animal rights, pro worker group that holds weekly vigils on ‘Pig Island” to bear witness to the pigs in transport trucks on their way to Quality Meat Packers slaughterhouse in downtown Toronto. Find out about the power of bearing witness and how this group is committed to “giving slaughterhouses glass walls.”

Dennis Smith, Pork plant targeted by protesters, Burlington Post, Oct 12, 2011

Courtney Greenberg, “Pigs suffer from the heat too, group seeks to remind people,” The National Post, Jul 212011

Toronto Pig Save releases undercover footage of ‘kill floor’ at Quality Meat Packers“,, July 26, 2011

Letters to the Editor, NOW | January 20-27, 2011 | VOL 30 NO 21 “Pig’s not the thing”

Now is a forward-thinking magazine giving voice to the under-represented and marginalized, which is why I was disappointed to see a feature celebrating pork in the last issue (NOW, January 13-19). Social justice for animals means not butchering their bodies for the sake of a few moments of gastronomic pleasure. Sure, most people eat meat, even those who consider themselves progressive, but many of your readers may not know that most breeding sows are kept severely confined for the duration of their lives in crates where they can hardly move. Their offspring reared for meat have miserable lives in barren, crowded pens, breathing in toxic fumes from being forced to live above their own excrement. One only needs to walk by Quality Meat Packers at Niagara and Tecumseth to hear the pigs’ screams. How about NOW Mag promoting veganism as the future?

Lynn Kavanagh, Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals, Toronto