Animal Save Movement: Our parent group has over 900 Save groups in over 70 countries around the world.

Similar groups bearing witness

Animal Angels (Germany)

Essex Animal Defenders (protesting Cheale Meats slaughterhouse)

Eyes on Animals (see their revealing video on carbon dioxide gas chambers for pigs)

FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)

Other animal rights groups:

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals

Canadians For Ethical Treatment of Farmed Animals (CEFTA)

Compassion in World Farming

Direct Action Everywhere

Mercy for Animals

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Toronto Vegetarian Association

United Poultry Concerns

Farm Animal Sanctuaries

Association of Farm Sanctuaries of Ontario

A Home for Hooves Farm Sanctuary

Animal Acres

Catskill Animal Sanctuary (New York)

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary (near Stratford, Ontario)

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada,

Farm Sanctuary

Farm House Garden

Frog Hollow

Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary

Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary (Pennsylvania)

Karuna Lane

The Pig Preserve (Tennessee)

Ruby Ranch

Wishing Well Sanctuary


Rescue groups:

A Fresh Start…

Brighton Animal Action

British Hen Welfare Trust,

Lucky Hens Rescue

Ex Battery Hen Forum

Little Hen Rescue


Animal Rights Art, Photography and Films

Culture & Animals Foundation

Caitlin Black (graphic novelist)

Centre for the Study of Political Graphics

Julie O’Neill/Photography for a Compassionate World

Liz Marshall/The Ghosts in Our Machine

Nation Earth

Sue Coe (‘graphic witness’)

We Animals Media


Animal Rights Media

Animal Voices

Freedom of Species also Podcast via the 3CR website and iTunes

Plant Based News

Sentient Media